Santorini, wow, Day 27

Our day starts particularly early as we touch down at Santorini airport. Not much sleep. As I write this we haven’t slept for 36 hours. First world problem I know, but we don’t want to lose the day through tiredness. Apparently sleep deprivation is used extensively by the military for interrogative purposes. I can really understand that. We pick a taxi and ask how much to get us to our resort. Answer, 1 million Euro. I said to the guy that was very funny. In the end, 20 Euro should do it. We get to our venue, Petit Palace, and are both completely blown away by the view. The most extraordinary views I have seen. After loading our stuff in we sleep for a couple of hours, and then have a late breakfast. Yes there is toast, but only done on the one side. What is going on? Austerity measures? We decide to take advantage of the hotel shuttle into Fira and spend an afternoon walking very slowly around a funky little metropolis. As we navigate our way around the place we go through a few laneways spotted with what would appear to be donkey shit. Could donkeys still be cutting it in Fira? We keep walking. Great shops, great placement of the shops on  the top of  cliffs. Spectacular. Time for a coffee. I decide to buy some glass products from a local artisan. Good pick ups. Can’t get over the number of ATVs flying around the town, Vespas and motorbikes as well. No helmuts or leathers in regard to the riders of the Vespas and motorbikes. Wonder what the accident rate is? I buy some of the local beer and we make our way to the hotel shuttle pick up point. Back to our cliff top digs, and then into the resort pool. Towels provided. We dine at the resort restaurant and are the only customers in the the place. Apparently everyone was there at lunchtime. A nice sunset. Another day in Santorini. Wow.

view from our restaurant  tonight.

view from our restaurant


vehicle of choice on Santorini.

vehicle of choice
on Santorini.


interesting shop front

interesting shop front




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