Practice for Santorini, Part B, Day 22

Before breakfast we take a call from our daughter at our Melbourne office. A few admin things sorted. Done. Last night a conversation with our Melbourne office revealed an apparent need to engage some sort of animal whisperer upon our return. Sounds like a good idea, start a  clean behavioural slate upon our return. We also make another call at our hotel main desk to our ANZ cash card people. Righto, 4 days to transfer some cash into our card? Are you kidding? Is it being done through an old dial up modem?

Breakfast. Still no toast in Monteriggionio. How do these guys survive? They don’t know what they are missing out on. Not much on the agenda today apart from oasis/ pool type activities. The Winnebaygo thing is still going. Sue speaks to a NZ couple who have been coming here for this Winnebaygo Conference for the last 3 years. Classic stuff.

After breakfast we decide to sit by the pool. Really hot. We check back on some domestic events. The first time we have really done this. Jobe Watson. Hip. Out. Richmond Football Club. Gone. Tony Abott. Invented a new nation called Canadia. Very funky. Pretty slothful afternoon. Lunch followed by more poolside sitting. Can’t believe the temperature, it would have to be 33-35 C. Swimming and reading. I jump back into Francis Wheen’s biography of Karl Marx. Apparently he spoke with a lisp and relied heavily on Engels (a smart cotton based entrepreneur based in Manchester) to keep him afloat financially whilst he wrote seminal documents such as the Communist Manifesto. Didn’t realise Engels helped Marx behind his father’s back in the family business. Sounds a bit childish. A bit of a tough read. I check out Jeff Beck’s Official Site and the bios of his current band members. A more active day tomorrow as we head back to Florence and train it to Rome where we will stay until Sat. A bit of a Girl From Ipanema scene around here man.



outside poolside

outside poolside


beautiful courtyards

beautiful courtyards


da pewle

da pewle

~ by gazlington on June 12, 2014.

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