We zip down to Florence, Day 19

Goodbye Florence. Will miss our little mini room, with its canal view and funky courtyard coffee location. Before we go I take a picture of the Bridge of Sighs at the back of the Doges Palace at St Mark’s Square. As per yesterdays’s blog, this particular bridge was the last visual opportunity prisoners had of freedom, before sighing and and going to prison. One of my fave guitar players, Robin Trower, named his most successful 1974 album after this very bridge. And to think that I thought the title of the album was an original stroke of genius. Apparently there is some sort of boating regatta underway today. End result? We have to walk up up to St Mark’s Square to meet our water taxi. Eventually we find a bearded version of Giorgio Armani. On to the water and off to the station. How weird does that sound. Water, railway station? We’re early, but thats good. On to the bullet train. First class on the Euro trains is the way to go. Doesn’t cost that much more. Really a pretty chilled out experience. A cup of tea. Yes. Peanuts. Yes. In actual fact our little 15 minute voyage to the station via Giorgio cost 75 Euros whilst 2 people to Florence on the bullet costs 58 Euros. Sometimes you have to cop the extra expense when you are captive to a particular situation. On the train I read books by Graham Nash and Keith Richards. They appeared to be treating their bodies like amusement parks. Upon getting to Florence we navigate our way out of the station to our hotel, which is virtually next to the station. We dump our stuff and have a bit of a walk around. Its really late in the arvo. We do see Ponte Vecchio bridge in the distance. But we have to eat. We meet a nice couple from San Diego about to return home after a 2 week European sojourn. Back to the hotel. Really bad wifi. Sleep. Off to the Tuscany region tomorrow. A bit of hire car action again


we leave our digs in Venice

we leave our digs in Venice


bridge of sighs

bridge of sighs


inner Florence

inner Florence

~ by gazlington on June 9, 2014.

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