Nice is really nice, Day 12

beach life Nice style.

beach life Nice style.



suz has a wine.

suz has a wine.


No euro breakfast this morning, as we have booked a taxi for 7am to take us to Lyon to catch a bullet train. Sounds a bit Steve McQueenish. Sad to leave Paris. Would love to gone to Duke Lombard’s jazz club on Sebastopol and maybe a Picasso museum, but alas, not to be. Anyway, up at the station we just walk in. Our train is in Hall 1, the level we walked into the station on, this is good. Train departing at 8:49am. We are way too early, but comfortable and organised. Watch the screens to pick out our train aisle. Then we’re off, carriage 1 seats 53 and 54. Now exactly where is carriage 1? Upon finding our carriage its a bit of a bunfight stowing the luggage because some people will be getting off earlier than us, but it all works out. The train takes its time but we are soon sitting on 200k plus. At one point I noticed we were sitting on 294k. Pretty impressive. Why don’t we have one of these doing Melbourne to Sydney? I just don’t think we get infrastructure in Australia. Its almost like the nation is constipated when it comes to big thinking, big ideas and big implementation. The French seem to have found  a way. Was wondering about the fact that no-one had checked our tickets, when along comes this rather dishevelled looking dude with an electronic device. All very low key. Present your tickets. Our trip from Lyon to Nice, takes 5.5 hours. Nice one. Navigating our way to our hotel proves to be a little trickier. As I scoot off to check a few street signs, a woman approaches me, ……ah some assistance with directions. Iam then asked whether I’m right for a woman tonight. “What?” I ask. Weird man. Is this a joke? Check into the hotel, and then walk along the beach promenade. Stop for drinkie winkies at one of the multiple street drinkie winkie stations, and then back to HQ for a serve yourself type of meal. Back in our room I discover that I can’t get BBC World. Not good. Day over.

~ by gazlington on June 2, 2014.

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