Hop on Hop off Paris Day 9

Take a call from home. How do you light the pilot light outside for the heating. I can barely do it in Melbourne. How do I do it from Paris?  Something happened and heating on. No thanks to me apparently. Ah….parenthood. Off to breakfast in the no toast zone. We decide to seize the moment with the weather and  do some extensive Hop on Hop off  bus stuff. Same system as London. Headphones supplied. The only problem is getting the tickets. Up we go on to Sebastopol Boulevard. A bit of retail therapy on the way. After a journey that Indiana Jones would be proud of we finally buy the tics. Now, where in the hell do u get on the bus? Behind the Opera house, of course! On to the bus and it all unfolds, Notre Dame, Louvre, Champs, Arc De Triumphe, etc. I think I’m stunned again by the consistency and scale of the architecture. Quite breathtaking. The number of international brand name shops along the Champs was incredible. A mini Roland Garos was set up nearby, with a massive screen in the background showing the real thing. Nothing is done in halves. After we are done with the bus tour we end up going back to a shop where we earlier bought something. The proprietor is ecstatic and gives us a discount. Ah…………….capitalism with good intentions is a good model. At a venue called the Olympia I notice John Butler (Johnny Butler!!!!!!) is playing shortly along with Cliff Richard (I thought he was in a nursing home) and Pat Metheny. Pat Metheny! Are you kidding! Here next week? Will be in Nice. Sorry Pat. We must find food and manage to nail down something close to our digs. Haven’t really eaten since breakfast. Back to the hotel. Another day over

John Butler

John Butler

pat metheny unity band

pat metheny unity band







~ by gazlington on May 30, 2014.

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