Road trip day 3

Arrival London. UK council elections. Poor showing by the Labor Party. A new political party UKIP emerges. After the glitz of Dubai, London really has that lived in look. Long trip in from Heathrow. Staying in and around Notting Hill. Pretty salubrious. Hoping to catch up with Julia Roberts. Stumbled across an Aston Martin around the corner from our place……….this served to add to the London vibe. A bit of rain forecast for today which is pretty annoying as we are scheduled to do a Rock n Roll Tour this arvo. No probs, its in a minivan. Just discovered that BBC Central is within walking distance of where we are. This will be good for our tour of the facility tomoz.

Bondy's Aston Martin.

Bondy’s Aston Martin.

Music that I would like to hear today………..Roundabout by Yes from their Fragile album. Great composition and arranging, great playing from Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Steve Howe, Billy Bruford and Chris Squire. And to think that the lads did it all from London.



~ by gazlington on May 24, 2014.

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