Road trip day 2 Stone Free

Track for the day, Stone Free by Hendrix.

Goodbye to Dubai. Varied day of stuff. Customised omelette to start the day, then off to the Burj Al Arab. Even though we couldn’t get right in there, it was pretty impressive. Another statement from the UAE. Can’t believe Roger and Andre actually had a hit up on the pod. Interesting taxi driver from Sudan. His take on the North was just let them go. He had 5 kids and heads back to Sudan for 2 months every year.


Different taxi drivers different stories.

Don’t know what our next taxi driver was on. Whatever it was it wasn’t working for him as he took us to the Emirates Mall. A bit of snow skiing was happening at the Emirates Mall. Amazing considering it was about 36 degrees outside.

Back at our hotel it was time for a chill out before our desert safari. Prompt pick up and then we were out there.


  • dune bashing
  • visit to a camel farm, ……… Camels are worth around $30000
  • ride of a camel
  • holding of a Falcon, worth apparently $20000
  • nice tandoori chicken
  • traditional  dancing  display
on safari in Sharjar (?) spelling?

on safari in Sharjar (?) spelling?

~ by gazlington on May 23, 2014.

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