Road trip day 1, 20/5

And it comes to pass that we are on the road. Plane trip of 14 hours wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Using the in house system I watched the Paul Macca vid of his new album before hitting the CDs. Everything is mixed in with Macca now. It all just loops around as he tours, records, accepts awards, gets married again, etc. Love to chat with him. Anyway. One album I was listening to on board (Emirates) was In the Court Of the Crimson King by Frippy and his mates. As I listened to Greg Lake singing 21st Century Schizoid Man, the words rang out….”nothing he’s got he really needs” …..hey thats me, yeah man! Robert Fripp was chanelling me.

…..then I moved to Hendrix “Can You hear Me” and Cream “Strange Brew”……..etc, etc.

Dubai. Originally for 3 days, but Sue had to go to hospital on our original departure day. All good. Love the scale and quirkiness of Dubai, and the actual concept of building it in the first place. Almost like someone has drawn their own utopian perspective of a city on paper and then gone about building it. You can actually see the logic of everything laid out from the top of the world (see Burj comments below). Staying at the Marina end of the coast. Everything we need in a mall next door. Taxi the way to get around. In actual fact we were up for about 36 hours on our first day(s) as we lost time flying and didn’t sleep, arriving in Dubai at 5 in the morning. Slept great last night.

Highlight for me yesterday was the Burj Khalifa. What a feat of engineering. And the service, at the Burj and in Dubai, sensational. A bit of a hit temperature wise. 34 at 6 in the morning? A lot of imported labour from Africa and India. Some really nice people in our Motel. Dubai Mall was intriguing, its just big, big and big. Ice skating? An industrial sized fish aquarium? Bloomingdales? Tiffany???? Whoah!

~ by gazlington on May 22, 2014.

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