Zoe Keating Sooper Looper

I recently revisited the work of Zoe Keating, a cellist who has embraced the concept of looping taking it way out to another level using technology.

Zoe is a native Canadian who is a skilled classical cellist and an adept composer/ looper/ innovator/ business person.

The challenge with looping seems to be, making it all seamless and non contrived. Is the final piece coherent? Is it believable? Is it melodic? Does the structure work?

Zoe mike’s her cello then runs it through a MacBook Pro loaded with Ableton Live and Sooperlooper. This cutdown little rig is then played effectively using midi pedals. No FX are used. The sounds and textures derive from Zoe’s playing. Classic.

As well as her music Zoe runs a neat internet based business model that gives her self sufficiency and control with her music, all at arm’s length from the music  industry per se.

Below is a clip of Zoe playing Escape Artist. Also below is a 2 part interview with Zoe.

Would love to see a guitar player step into this realm.

~ by gazlington on January 20, 2014.

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