Teardrop by Massive Attack and interpreted by Jose Gonzales

One of my favourite bands of all time is British band Massive Attack. The band was originally Bristol based and generally use the studio as an instrument employing to great effect sophisticated sampling and layering, radical song construction and creative use of effects. Classic tracks include Unfinished Symphony, Protection, Karmacoma and Teardrop.

Teardrop is sung by the talented Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins), with an accompanying video featuring a singing fetus. I have heard that the main stays of Massive Attack  (3D and Daddy G) allow significant scope for the the vocalist to create and improvise textures and melodies. Can’t be sure though.

The Swedish guitarist singer Jose Gonzalez (with Argentenian roots) does a unique take on the original version of this track. From the album In Our Nature, Gonzalez spins his take on the song to great effect, with an equally impressive accompanying video. There seem to be some historical middle eastern religeous textures/ fragments in the video (make of it what you wish). Gonzalez’s approach to the guitar is unique and percussive. Multiple parts are played by Gonzalez who frequently taps his foot during recordings. Great voice. Great guitar playing. Unique and intuitive. Check the interpretation of the original and the original below.

~ by gazlington on December 18, 2011.

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