Johnny Winter

JW has been a fave guitar player of mine for many years. I have recently come back to his playing (courtesy of a best of collection picked by the man himself) after leaving the blues per se many years ago. I think a number of Johnny’s tracks still stand up really well to this day. In particuar, Mean Town Blues and Its My Own Fault, from the Johnny Winter And Live (1971) set. Rick Derringer comps and solos on both tracks, and collectively both players really hit the spot. From a frantic uptempo slide point of view, check out Mean Town Blues. From a classic slow blues perspective, check out Its My Own Fault. With both of these tracks, Johnny has the capacity to take a solo at a particular point and keep taking it to a new a level of intensity, higher and higher (like EC did with the Wheels of Fire Crossroads solos). Who does this these days? Derek Trucks, Sonny Landreth, Joe Bonamassa? Its a special gift to be able to this. Extraordinary skill levels, extraordinary musicality. Check out Mean Town Blues.

~ by gazlington on November 28, 2011.

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