Kings of Leon

Recently saw the Kings in Mebourne, 13th of November, Rod Lava Arena. Band of Horses was the support.

Neither of these bands were really that familiar to me, but the evening (courtesy of some sick Telstra workers) was interesting on a number of different levels and an opportunity to catch up with a great mate Brian.

Firstly the support act sound was absolutely appalling. It was though the sound guys didn’t care about the support act, because when  the Kings came on the sound was instantly clearer, with each instrument having an identifiable place in the live mix.

Secondly the Kings seemed have alot of space in their sound at times (eg drums with bass, drums with bass and vocals, etc). A little U2 ish I suppose.

Thirdly, from just behind the mixing console, the activation of the video screens was a sight to behold. Looks like the live concert scene has added a whole host of jobs in recent times including video screen mixer. The dude doing the mixing for the Kings danced the night away whilst controlling the screen images of the band.

Fourthly, the fan demographic for the Kings was simply female. Intriging to see the female response to each of the songs.

Interesting. I started to dig the night and the songs as the evening progressed.

~ by gazlington on November 25, 2011.

One Response to “Kings of Leon”

  1. Band of Horses deserve better treatment than that. They are a good band and I really like their albums. They should have had your good self working the mixing desk, Gaz

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