Emeli Sande track Heaven

An extraordinary track developed between Emeli and her co conspirator Naughty Boy aka Shahid Khan (and apparently others). The initial dramatic orchestral flourish might have some connection to Naughty Boy’s experience with Bollywood. From here Emeli’s voice kicks in (and what a voice this is), with the addition of some nice synth chords and strings. Of note is the detailed and intelligent sequencing and programming, including kick drum variation of pitch and volume, and apt placement of extra percussion such as triangle and tambourine. An astounding track that is organised and stuctured, but different and musical. The inclusion of a gospel component in the chorus was a materstroke as well as the soft ambient section with the distant reverberated vocals. A bit of a nod to Masssive Attack’s Unfinished Symphony. Can’t wait to hear the duo’s efforts with Emeli’s new album in 2012. All class.

~ by gazlington on November 13, 2011.

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